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What SMB Solutions Cloud Services did this year to help our customers and partners come out on top

2020 – what a year! 

The global pandemic changed the way we operate in the world – both in our personal and professional lives. With COVID-19 still a huge part of everyday life, we take a moment to appreciate the lessons we have learned and the positive changes we can make as we move forward. 

Even with all the challenges that were presented this year, SMB Solutions Cloud Services had a big year full of growth, improvement and positive changes for our customers and partners. 

The Highlights

  • February – Our new website launched with more information, resources and easier to navigate user interface.  
  • April –  We officially announced our partnership with Datto and began our Managed Services (MSP) offering. 
  • With the launch of our MSP Services in April, we were due to have a Face-to-Face information event which quickly turned into the successful “Prevention is Better than Cure” webinar as lockdowns and quarantine were well underway. 
  • June – The new Client Portal soon followed, allowing an easy-to-use interface for customers to submit service requests and check the Knowledgebase for any frequently asked questions. 
  • July – We launched our Cloud Hosting Services in the US, Canada and Mexico with the help of ATL1 by Cyxtera. 
  • Throughout the year – We have created and delivered more training videos and information blogs than ever before. The FAQs available on our website were updated and expanded while the Knowledgebase was created in the Client Portal to give customers and partners more ways to access the help they needed faster. 
  • Training and Upskilling – Multiple members of our team have participated in training and upskilling classes over the course of the year to help provide better support across more areas of expertise. 


So, what have we learned?

Throughout the highs and lows of 2020, it is important to reflect on what we have learned so we can continue to improve ourselves, our business and our service. 

Streamlining business processes has improved our efficiency, problem resolution and remote workflow. As Kerry Duffy, our COO, helped SMB Solutions improve our business processes, we noticed gaps in some of those processes that needed to be filled. As these gaps were identified and filled, our productivity and problem resolution reached an alltime high. Everyone on the team was on the same page with a clear understanding of their own goals and the business goals. 

Providing more Resources has given us more time to improve our systems and processes, therefore improving our overall service to you! To ensure we can continue providing excellent cloud hosting and MSP service to all our clients and partners, we have made more resources readily available from multiple access points so users can find answers to the most asked questionstutorial videos and information blogs. 

Looking into the past provides better insight into the future. Completing ticket analysis over past service request tickets has helped us to identify patterns on previous issues and improve our problem resolution process moving forward. This is one of the main reasons we will be moving to the Client Portal single support system, so we can have more insight into random and regularly occurring user issues and become more proactive in providing resources and long-term improvements.  

Our performance to you is paramount and we take pride in our prompt resolution of your issues as well as providing consulting services that help you fill the gaps in your business.

Here’s To 2021!

As we look to 2021, we look forward to hopefully fewer SAP upgrades and greater SAP stability! 

Our change from a dual to a single support system through the Client Portal will be going live at the end of January.  

And as the year progresses there will be more information coming about a new premium cloud offering for those customers who need a higher level of performance and are willing to invest accordingly. 

As always we continue to uphold our business values of Transparent, Respectful, Agile, Consistent and Effective interactions.

Keep an eye out for our monthly eNewsletters for the most up to date information, training, blogs, videos, tips & tricks and messages from our CEO and Founder Richard Duffy. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year. May 2021 bring you personal and professional success, happiness and health.  

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