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Official price rise notice for customers and partners

Since SMB Solutions Cloud Services launched our service in 2016, we have never had a price increase. While we have mentioned beginning to charge for additional services outside of our scope of service, we have not actually invoiced any customers for this as of yet.

Every year that we have kept our pricing the same, our suppliers and vendors have been delivering price increases that our business has been absorbing. A big announcement that has forced us to reconsider our pricing structure is the announcement of the coming Microsoft price increase. In early 2022, Microsoft will be rolling out a price increase of up to 20% on commercial licensing including Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business.

In order to continue to invest in our infrastructure, deliver the enterprise-level service and performance you have come to expect from SMB Solutions Cloud Services and to keep up with inflation, we have decided to implement our first-ever price increase of 10% across all products and services beginning in the billing month for January. Any customers who are on prepaid agreements will not be impacted by the price rise until their next renewal date.

Again this is primarily driven by increased licensing costs and infrastructure costs for our suppliers.

We have studied the market and with this anticipated price increase, we are still on average 20-40% less expensive than our main competitors and at least 80% less expensive than deploying your own cloud environment utilising Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

We will always follow the values in our TRACE principle; to always be Transparent, Respectful, Agile, Consistent and Effective. This is why we want to make this first price rise as minimal and transparent as possible.

If you have any questions about this price rise and how it will affect your company and billing, please reach out to Richard via phone on 1300 442 059 or send an email to support@smbsolutions.com.au.

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