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Discover how we protect your data and processes with enterprise-level security.

Managed service contracts give small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to leverage enterprise-level tools in ways never before possible. 

Cloud-based workflows that rely on software-as-a-service applications offer remarkable improvements to productivity and communication. However, they also change the security environment of the businesses that use them.

Incorporating enterprise-level features and connectivity requires deploying enterprise-level security solutions. SMB Solutions has partnered with Datto to provide its users with the peace of mind that best-in-class security offers.

What Makes SaaS Protection Different?

Securing a cloud-based SaaS platform demands a different approach than protecting a physical system located on-premises. Most SaaS applications come with built-in redundancy that protects against most causes of data loss – but not all. User errors, compromised accounts, and sophisticated ransomware can severely impact SaaS applications and users who aren’t prepared.

SaaS systems still need to be backed up securely. Regular backups ensure that even the most catastrophic losses can be mitigated. This requires using a purpose-built system like Datto. Having a secure backup on Datto’s servers means that your business can survive even the most devastating cyberattacks without losing critical data.

Without dedicated SaaS protection, your business would have to rely on its own backups. This would mean that your company’s resilience to cyberattack and other data disasters is mostly dependent on your technology and infrastructure – if someone makes a mistake, there is nobody there to fix it.

What Makes Datto Backups Special?

It’s common for employees at small and mid-sized businesses to make copies of their work. Many people use file sync services to keep safe versions of their important files in secure places. But this strategy falls short for several reasons:

  • Saved Files Are Not Stable Recovery Points. In some cases, deleting the master file will also delete older versions of the file, even if they are located elsewhere.
  • You Can Only Keep Track of So Many Versions. Without a centralised management point for handling these backups, you give up control over your disaster recovery and business continuity processes.
  • You Can’t Respond to Catastrophic Events. File sync backups are helpful when you only have a few files to replace. If a major disaster destroys terabytes of data, restoring all of it will take an enormous amount of time.


Datto Enables Cloud-to-Cloud Backups

With all your data already in the cloud, augmenting your provider’s security and redundancy is the logical next step. Datto uses a specialised cloud-to-cloud data backup and transfer solution that keeps Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data safely stored on its secure servers. This means that MSPs like SMB Solutions can guarantee best-in-class security for users and mitigate the risk of permanent data loss. It provides businesses with daily restore points that include files, folders, settings, and permissions. Restoring a single lost file is as easy as restoring an entire user account.

With Datto SaaS Protection deployed, SMB Solutions keeps its users safe from cyberattacks and natural disasters alike. Enjoy efficient, highly organised SaaS data protection that you can manage from a single, centralised dashboard. Get in touch with the MSP team at SMB Solutions for more information today!

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