World-class customer support begins with a ticket. In order to protect users’ privacy and security, we do not accept support requests outside the ticketing system except in emergency situations.

The SMB Solutions support ticket system is a reliable, automated support solution staffed by industry experts. Begin the support ticket process by logging into your account through the SMB Solutions Service Portal or sending an email to our team at

Take time to fill out your support ticket with descriptive information about the problems users are experiencing. The more comprehensive the support ticket is, the better our team can address the problem at hand.

Save time and streamline the support process by including the following information in your support ticket request:

  • Your name and phone number.
  • A list of users or databases impacted.
  • Screenshots of error messages.
  • The exact time and date of the error.
  • A description of how the error impacts performance. What still works and what doesn’t?
  • Any troubleshooting approaches or workaround you have already tested.

If you do not provide this information in the original support ticket, a support team member will need to reach out to you and ask you for it. This takes time and delays ticket resolution. The more information you have ready on hand, the faster it will be to resolve your ticket.

Descriptive, high-quality tickets are typically easy to resolve in a single pass. Watch a tutorial video here to see how to login and use the service portal.