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Discover how SAP’s new features will help your business thrive.

In November 2019, SAP announced that its early adopters could begin using SAP Business One Version 10. The new release combines some of the SAP community’s most-requested updates in terms of usability, administrative efficiency, and feature enhancement.

The early adopter community has now had several months to use the new system in a variety of productive environments, and the verdict is in. SAP Business One Version 10 is a transformative software solution with a great deal of promise. The official release is scheduled to coincide with the SAP SMB Summit 2020, taking place in Manila**. Small and mid-sized businesses that plan on making the switch will have to start preparing for the upgrade today.

New Features and Usability Benefits

Above all else, SAP’s new system is designed to empower small and mid-sized businesses with the technologies and processes that intelligent enterprises use every day. Some of the main areas of improvement include:

  • Improved Usability. The enhanced user interface makes using SAP Business One Cloud much easier for everyone, from regular users to administrators alike. The new SAP U15 interface and chatbot functionality make it easier for users to find the things they are looking for.
  • Cutting Edge Technology Support. The new system supports SAP HANA 2.0, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and new analytics tools.
  • Interactive Gantt Chart. Users can now generate Gantt charts on the fly using SAP’s new interactive system.
  • Full Office 365 Integration. SAP Users with workflows that rely on Microsoft Office 365 software can now seamlessly integrate all of their processes in a single place.
  • Electronic File Manager Enhancements. The electronic file manager is now integrated with Crystal Report, streamlining a variety of time-consuming reporting processes.
  • Inventory Management Improvements. SAP Business One’s serial and batch number management system has been improved. New features include the ability to easily change the unit of measurement groups.
  • Financial Management Enhancements. Users can now drill down into the general ledger reports while making use of extended journal entry remarks. The overhauled financial reporting system is more comprehensive than ever.
  • Improved Security. New rules for database instance registration and data access make it harder for cybercriminals to probe for weaknesses and exfiltrate sensitive data.
  • Flexible Customisation. New user-defined values and user-defined field support extends to multiple triggers and additional objects, respectively.
  • Better Localisation Support. Localisation changes are now much easier to manage, reducing the processing burden that companies covering multiple territories normally have to bear.

Learn More About SAP Business One Cloud’s New Features

We’ve compiled a comprehensive selection of videos describing the new system’s benefits for our customers and partners. Divided into quick, easy-to-digest segments of 2-3 minutes each, these videos introduce some of the most important changes and optimisations the new system has to offer.

Learn more about how SAP Business One 10.0 offers extended coverage to administrative accounts, improves user transparency and logging, and streamlines sales and purchasing processes. For more information reach out to the SMB Solutions Support team.

**Due to the global pandemic COVID-19 the SAP SMB Summit  2020 in Manila has been postponed until June 2-4.

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