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We’ve entrusted Sophos to protect our clients’ networks and our own.

As a security-oriented technology provider, we believe that every small and mid-sized business deserves comprehensive security coverage. 

43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and the global cost of cybercrime will top $6 trillion by 2021. No business is safe from the sophisticated – and often automated – attacks that modern cybercriminals use to defraud legitimate businesses.

Small and mid-sized businesses need fully integrated endpoint protection with easily manageable security policies and up-to-the-minute reputation intelligence. In today’s cybercrime environment, these aren’t optional features – they’re must-haves.

Introducing Sophos, Our Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

This is why SMB Solutions has chosen to partner with a leader in the field. Sophos offers fully integrated, cloud-native security services with service providers like us in mind and enables us to extend scalable protection to all of our clients. In particular, we chose to integrate Intercept-X, the company’s award-winning hosted endpoint protection solution. It protects main desktop operating systems as well as mobile device platforms, offering complete protection from some of the world’s most dangerous cyberattacks.

Intercept-X is a ground-breaking endpoint security product that uses artificial intelligence to thwart malware, ransomware, code exploits, and viruses. Some of the capabilities that it offers include:

  • Next-Generation Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Sophos’ EDR system allows users to leverage powerful search and remote response features to identify and address endpoint vulnerabilities.
  • Proven Anti-Ransomware Policies. Sophos protects users against ransomware by offering automatic file recovery and detailed record analysis. The system constantly looks for suspicious encryptions and boot record attacks.
  • AI-Powered Detection. Intercept X’s AI-powered detection algorithm detects known and unknown attacks alike, without relying on a pre-built database of attack signatures.
  • Best-in-Class Exploit Prevention. Sophos denies attackers from exploiting trusted connections and code vulnerabilities. This makes it much harder for hackers to steal login credentials and distribute malware without being caught.
  • Managed Threat Response. Sophos employs an elite team of security specialists who take targeted security actions on your behalf, neutralizing sophisticated threats before you even know you’ve been targeted.
  • Active Mitigation of Persistent Threats. Sophos takes a deep look at long-term network behaviors, looking for signs of slow-moving malicious traffic often used to disguise data exfiltration attempts and ransomware attacks.

Learn More About Intercept-X

Our partners at Sophos have created a comprehensive buyer’s guide that compares their solution to competing products made by leading cybersecurity vendors. Find out how Intercept-X stacks up against its competitors with objective, third-party analysts reports from some of the world’s most reputable sources.

Get in touch with the SMB Solutions team today for more information about Sophos and our MSP Services.

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