Managed Services

Improve business productivity, profitability and sustainability

Are you sick of paying for technology you don’t understand and can’t get to work properly? Is your business expanding but you don’t have the budget to upgrade your IT solutions to expand with it? Tired of a dodgy internet connection that constantly drops out? Have an outdated backup system and no business continuity plan in the case of data loss?

All of these problems can be solved by SMB Solutions with our Managed Services contracts,
giving you the flexibility to choose a Good, Better or Best option depending on where you and your business are at.

SMB Solutions Cloud Services, in partnership with Datto, are now part of the MSP community – expanding our range of services to include Managed Services as of April 2020. Managed Service Providers give small and mid-sized businesses enterprise-level connectivity and features for a fraction of the cost, enabling them to utilise the most up-to-date IT solutions to improve business productivity, profitability and sustainability.

SMB Solutions MSP Services give us the freedom to focus on driving our business while everything just works seamlessly in the background.

Isaac Belton, IS FAB – Bundaberg, QLD

Moving to SMB Solutions Cloud Services and MSP Services is one of the best business decisions we have made over the last 12 months.

Tristan Gamack, Brisbane Money Management – Nundah, QLD

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating the need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

Managed Services can be so much more than that – with the ability to be tailored to each business with their specific needs and taking away the cost and stress of owning and maintaining the most up to date IT solutions. Covering a range of services including Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Ransomware Protection, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and more.

Our RMM Software allows us to:

  • Resolve minor issues that could lead to bigger issues if unchecked

  • Resolve issues relating to outdated systems and with irregular updates

  • Manage issues arising out of data breaches

  • Detect issues before they cause crises or critical system failure

  • Support your small and medium businesses (smbs) with enterprise-level automation and monitoring
  • Diagnose requirements for the systematic management of your it requirements

  • Ensure optimal network stability

  • Enhance performance of your systems

  • Extend life span of your systems and devices

  • Ensure better end-user productivity

  • Help your clients get better customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Keep it issues under control or avoid issues and thereby ensure higher profit margins

VOIP Services

A Voice over IP call, or VoIP call, utilizes packet-switched Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet telephony as opposed to the circuit-switched telephony used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The advantage to VoIP phone calls is that unlike regular long-distance calls, calls made through a VoIP phone service are free – there are no fees beyond the cost of your Internet access.

mVoice VOIP Approved Partner
VOIP Managed Services provided by SMB Solutions

Also referred to as online phones or Internet phones, a VoIP phone can be a physical telephone with built-in IP technology and an RJ-45 Ethernet connector instead of the RJ-11 phone connector found in standard phones, or it can be a voice-capable computer that uses VoIP hardware such as MagicJack or VoIP software like Skype. This flexibility makes it possible for VoIP calls to function as Internet phone-to-phone, Internet phone-to-PC, PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone calls.

Benefits of Managed Services

Comprehensive Security Included

SMB Solutions Managed Services offer the best-in-class security to their clients – one of the primary reasons organisations hire MSP’s instead of difficult to find cybersecurity specialists.

Proactive IT Support

Traditional in-house systems demand a reactive approach to IT support. Essentially, this is a cycle of things breaking and people scrambling to fix them. SMB Solutions Managed Services work proactively to keep their systems running – a competitive advantage that leads to improved productivity and happier customers. 

Better Uptime

SMB Solutions Managed Services offer uptime guarantees in order to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

Automatic Upgrades and Security Patches

Automation for upgrades and security patches means the additional protection against ransomware attacks from outdated software.


Significant Cost-Savings

On an individual user basis, managed services are far less expensive than in-house solutions. The combination of economies of scale and the ability to share resources among multiple organisations makes the SMB Solutions Managed Services model a value-enhancing option for small and mid-sized businesses.

Cloud-Enabled Convenience

Cloud computing makes it possible for organisations to enjoy access to comprehensive data recovery tools and best-in-class accessibility through device-agnostic frameworks that work no matter what you use to access them.

Internal IT Staff Can Focus On the Big Picture

Switching to SMB Solutions Managed Services means in-house IT talent takes on a far more strategic role, developing solutions that enhance the bottom line and enhance the business instead of fixing printers and network switches.  

Remote Work Capabilities

SMB Solutions Managed Services cloud-enabled platforms are accessible through browser-based portals that employees can access from anywhere in the world – allowing businesses to bring remote workers into the fold in a secure cloud environment and optimise their productivity.


On-Demand Compliance

Outsourcing IT requirements to SMB Solutions Managed Services makes it easy to adhere to strict regulations concerning data usage and connectivity. 


Easy Scalability

In-house technology solutions are difficult to scale. SMB Solutions Managed Services contracts scale according to your resource needs – built-in scalability is an ideal solution for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

Entrust Your Operations to Technical Experts

Leverage the power of multiple technical experts for less than the price of a single salaried employee. SMB Solutions Managed Services is a powerful asset for any organisation for the practical benefits and security advantages.

World Class Partnerships

Datto is one of the most trusted names in the MSP community and that’s why SMB Solutions Managed Services has chosen them to be their trusted partner. Datto offers business continuity solutions, ransomware protection and on-demand access to every part of your business.

How much does it cost?

The best part of our MSP services is there is no set price! We tailor your package to what services you want so you’re not paying for any of the extras you don’t need.
Get in touch with one of the SMB Solutions Support Team today to start building your SMB MSP Package!

    When we needed someone experienced who could provide sound advice, recommendations and options for what was best for our business, including the most cost-effective options – SMB Solutions was ready and available with their MSP services.

    Isaac Belton, IS FAB – Bundaberg, QLD

    Following an introduction to SMB Solutions Cloud Services, we were very impressed with their ability to clearly articulate a plan for us and demonstrate the value they could add to our business processes.

    Tristan Gamack, Brisbane Money Management – Nundah, QLD

    Why Choose SMB Solutions Cloud Services as your Managed Services Provider?

    With 30 years’ experience in the IT industry to back them up and a successful cloud hosting business that’s been running for over 10 years, Managed Services was the next logical step for the team at SMB Solutions to take. For years we have been helping our customers with both hardware and software issues outside of our range of available services because that is who we are – a customer and business advancement focused team looking to help our customers succeed and make the most of their SAP Business One Cloud Platform. Having the opportunity to implement Managed Services for our customers means they will now have the most up to date technology and services to even further utilise their SAP Business One and increase business productivity and profitability.

    What do you get with SMB Solutions Managed Services?

    At SMB Solutions Cloud Services we understand that each business is different, with individual needs and varying budgets available, so we have created the “Good, Better, Best” system so you get to choose what service you want based on what you need and how much you want to pay for it. In the table below you can see the different services available on the Good, Better and Best system –


    • Backups & Disaster Recovery
    • Office365 Backup License
    • Server Backup
    • Workstation Backup
    • Licenses
    • Office365 License
    • Monitoring & Maintenance
    • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
    • 3rd Party Patch Management
    • Azure Tenant Management
    • Cloud Monitoring
    • Microsoft Patch Management
    • Network & Infrastructure Management
    • Office365 Tenant Management 
    • Security & Cybersecurity
    • Identity & Access Management
    • Managed Firewall
    • Password Management
    • Spam Filtering
    • Support Services
    • Adds / Moves / Changes
    • Change Management
    • Desktop Support
    • Mobile Device Management
    • NOC Services
    • Cloud
    • Cloud Hosting


    • IT Management & Consulting
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Documentation Management
    • IT Budget Planning
    • Procurement Assistance
    • vCIO Lite
    • vCIO Premium
    • vCIO Standard
    • Security & Cybersecurity
    • Penetration Testing
    • Simulated Phishing
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
    • 8×5 support
    • 24x7x365 Support
    • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Onsite Support (Business Hours)
    • Vendor Management
    • Training
    • End User Training
    • Technology Enablement Sessions
    • Cloud
    • Cloud hosting onboarding
    • Cloud Hosting SAP support – inclusive


    • Backups & Disaster Recovery
    • Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery
    • Simulated Disaster Recovery
    • IT Management & Consulting
    • Asset Management
    • Security & Cybersecurity
    • Managed Anti-Malware
    • Managed Anti-Virus 
    • Cybersecurity / Security Awareness Training
    • Support Services
    • After Hours Support
    • Emergency Support
    • Remote Support (Business Hours)
    • Server Support
    • Wi-Fi and LAN Management
    • Telephony & Data
    • Managed WAN / SDWAN / MPLS
    • Cloud
    • Cloud Hosting SAP support – fee 4 service