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Office 365 is the most popular business document software in the world for a good reason.

For the past thirty years, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been the mainstays of digital document creation in nearly every industry. If you’re working in today’s digital environment, it’s practically guaranteed that you have used these applications, sent emails through Outlook, or chatted on Skype.

Microsoft knows this and has worked diligently to improve the functionality of its flagship document applications with each new release. Office 365 is an extension of this approach, providing productivity solutions to millions of businesses and institutions around the world. 

Office 365 Matters Now More Than Ever

Today’s businesses are increasingly moving storage, communications, and entire processes into the cloud. Cloud-based subscription frameworks allow organisations to enjoy optimized infrastructure while paying strictly for the services they use – and Office 365 is no different. Even now, most enterprise knowledge workers compare competing office productivity solutions against Office 365 in terms of functionality, performance, and user experience. Signing up for a subscription ensures that you always have the latest version of the included software, conveniently accessible from any Internet-enabled device.

3 Things You Didn’t Know Office 365 Can Do

Many enterprise knowledge workers spend hours using Microsoft office productivity applications like Word and Excel without knowing about some of the most useful time-saving shortcuts these products enable. Here are just a few that you could incorporate into your workflow starting today:

  • Ideas in Excel. Making impactful presentations of data is easy with Ideas in Excel. Instead of painstakingly setting up your own graphs and organisational charts, Ideas in Excel will auto-populate a series of examples you can drag-and-drop directly into your spreadsheet. Simply click on a cell in a data range and open the Ideas button on the Home tab – it’s that easy!
  • PowerPoint Designer. Your PowerPoint presentations can make or break the projects you work on. Crafting great presentations used to require a finely honed sense of visual aesthetics and plenty of technical talent. Now, users can create professional slide layouts on the fly, letting PowerPoint Designer offer up a variety of options automatically.
  • On-Demand Translation. Users can translate words, phrases, and entire documents using Microsoft Word. Use Translator to switch between over 60 languages. Your cloud-enabled Word application will instantly send your text to Microsoft’s AI-powered Translator API through a secure connection and display the translated result.

Use Office 365 to Help Your Business Grow

Subscribing to Office 365 equips every member of your team with the latest productivity tools available on the market. Almost every essential day-to-day task your employees and co-workers perform can be made more straightforward and efficient through Microsoft’s industry-leading innovation. 

Microsoft is constantly working towards developing new ways to help its users achieve business-critical tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency. Obtaining an Office 365 license ensures that your team remains on the cutting-edge of every new feature and development in the office productivity space, making it one of the best investments a small business can make for its team. Get in touch with the SMB Solutions team today for more information on how we utilise Office 365 inside the cloud.

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