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Personal Security is Everyday Security

The security of your personal accounts and devices is vital. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is urging all Australians to secure their accounts and devices to prevent cybercriminals from accessing and stealing your personal information.

Your devices, including your phone and tablet, contain lots of personal information. They often have access to your personal accounts, making them rich targets for cybercriminals.

What are the risks?

The ease of mobile phones makes them both convenient and attractive targets for cybercriminals. You should treat your phone like your wallet.

If your phone is lost or compromised, your personal information could be at risk. Your social media, email accounts and banking information could be accessed to steal your money or identity.

Good security on your phone and accounts will help keep your personal and financial data safe.

How should I practice personal security?

Keeping your phone and other devices safe with good security practices is important. Some free and simple steps you can take include:

  • Locking all your devices, using a secure passphrase, pin or biometric e.g. Face ID
  • Treating your phone like a wallet. Keep it secure by knowing where it is at all times.
  • Keeping your devices updated. Turn on automatic updates to regularly update your phone.
  • Using secure and reputable apps. Ensure they come from the official app store. Remove apps you no longer require or that ask for permission to access cameras and microphones where it is not required.
  • Being cautious when using public WI-FI. Your activity may be visible to others. Avoid banking, shopping, sending emails, and entering passwords or credit card details into websites while on public networks. Instead switch to a mobile data connection.

Find out more

Keeping your devices and data secure is essential. To learn more about the simple steps you can take, head to cyber.gov.au.

You can also check out the SMB Solutions blog page for more tips and tricks to help you stay more secure online!

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