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A strong security strategy includes employee education and prevention training

Ensuring your company has a strong and robust security strategy in place begins and ends with your staff. Employees are the cogs that keep the business machine turning and training programs are essential to keeping your business secure and running smoothly. If you are a partner or a customer with SMB Solutions Cloud Services, you would have seen or heard us speak about this subject many times before. We continue to discuss and provide resources for ransomware and malware training as it is such a vital part of protecting your business from unseen danger.

By having a regular and structured training program, employees are made aware and are consistently reminded of the dangers of ransomware and malware as well as what strategies and processes need to be used every day for threat prevention. This includes correct operating procedures for email, keeping operating systems up to date and using high-quality anti-virus software – particularly as the WFH (Work from Home) trend continues to solidify its place in the modern business world.


Where to Find the Best Training and Resources

Educating your employees on malware and ransomware threats, prevention and correct operating procedures will save your business time and money in the long run. At SMB Solutions Cloud Services, we can provide a basic training session to you and your staff for a fee to help you better understand the fundamentals of ransomware and malware threat and prevention while giving you the opportunity to ask questions and improve your overall security knowledge.

Of course, we understand that paying for such training can sometimes stretch the budget but we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to properly educate and protect themselves against the threat of malware and ransomware. For this reason, we have put together a list of FREE resources below for you to browse and share with your team:

  • Sophos – You may already know Sophos as they are our trusted cybersecurity partner (and for good reason!). Not only do they provide top tier enterprise-level security, they too have a range of free tools available to use in the home office and on your mobile as well as specific malware and virus removal tools. As a company that works remotely 99% of the year, having that extra security for free across the network has helped keep our business and business tools virus free.
  • SMB Solutions Cloud Services – Yes, US! We regularly put out blog posts such as this one with resources and information covering a wide variety of subjects including ransomware and malware threat prevention. One of our more recent posts explored crypto-ransomware with tangible detection, response and prevention strategies to help people better understand this important subject. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we have available on our Blog page. There is more to be found over on the Resources page in the form of videos, both specifically for SMB Solutions customers and partners and for anyone in the general public looking to learn more.

These free tools and training resources are a great place to start but a truly powerful security strategy often includes paying for business software options or implementing an MSP team to cover your specific security and IT requirements. Spending money on the right products for your business is a lot less expensive than the costs of trying to recover from a ransomware or malware attack.

If you have any questions about the resources we have recommended or if you would like assistance with your own security strategy, get in touch with the team at SMB Solutions Cloud Services today for more information today.

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