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SAP has now extended app functionality for customers using SQL servers.

SAP has a long history of encouraging customers to deploy on the SAP Business One HANA platform by limiting functionalities available on the SAP Business One SQL server. This approach introduced friction for users who rely on SQL, so SAP Business One has released new versions of their mobile services and apps with SQL users in mind.

Now, customers who use SQL can have access to the SAP Business One Service Layer and SAP Mobile Apps as long as they are running the latest patch of SAP Business One. All SMB Solutions Cloud Services public cloud customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia have been upgraded to the latest SAP Business One Patch (FP2105) throughout the months of August and September 2021. With this upgrade comes the availability for customers running SQL to start utilising these tools.

What Is the SAP Business One Service Layer?

The SAP Business One Service Layer is a Microsoft SQL Server extension that allows organisations to use SAP Business One data management protocols. It provides HTML and ODATA support, giving developers the ability to use programming languages like ASP, JAVA, and PHP.

This technology gives organisations a great degree of flexibility, especially when scaling databases that contain large volumes of data. The SAP Business One Service Layer allows organisations to communicate with SAP Business One using rest APIs, permitting SQL deployments and HANA deployments to run with similar degrees of efficiency.

The SAP Business One Service Layer allows users to execute data retrieval, addition, and update operations using GET, POST, and PATCH service. Users can easily create and access user-defined tables through the service layer API. This enables faster, more intuitive data processing and visualisation for small and mid-sized organisations that rely on SAP Business One.

What Are SAP Mobile Sales and SAP Mobile Service Apps?

SAP Business One Mobile Sales and SAP Business One Mobile Service Apps give organisations the ability to run native, cross-platform mobile apps directly through SAP Business One. SAP Business One’s mobile app development platform is based on open standards that enable the development, configuration, and management of mobile applications.

Now that SQL functionality is part of the SAP Business One relational database management apps, SQL server users can now power their mobile sales and services using these apps. It’s now possible for users to process data and complete tasks programmatically using mobile apps and APIs to interact with core data.

SAP Business One’s mobile-friendly platform is compatible with Android and iOS devices. There is no additional charge for SAP Business One Professional license holders to use SAP’s Mobile app, Sales app, or Service app. Organisations can use these apps to complete a wide variety of tasks such as:

  • Create, view, edit, and change activities.
  • Issue approvals and alerts.
  • View reports and dashboards.
  • Create new customers and leads.
  • Search, create, and cancel orders.
  • Create support ticket summaries.
  • Capture customer signatures in PDF format.

Watch our tutorial video on how to set up your SAP Business One Mobile Sales application on an iOS device and start streamlining business processes with ease. If you have any questions about the SAP Business One Service Layer or SAP Business One Mobile Apps, reach out to the SMB Solutions Support team today.

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