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The SAP Business One Cloud ERP Solution isn’t just for large-scale enterprises.

For many people, “SAP” is synonymous with “big business”. The three-letter abbreviation conjures up images of huge enterprises housed in expensive downtown skyscrapers.

Of course, there is some truth to this image. But Fortune 500 companies are not the only businesses that rely on SAP technology. In fact, approximately 80% of SAP’s customers are small-to-medium-sized organisations.

SAP has spent a great deal of time developing enterprise resource solutions that address the needs of smaller businesses. SAP Business One is the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software best-suited to helping smaller organisations grow.


What SAP Business One Offers Small Businesses

You can’t take a content management system designed for Chevron and expect it to run affordably and efficiently in a 30-employee company. SAP engineers know that smaller organisations have different needs, such as:

  • Rock Solid Reliability. Smaller businesses cannot afford to keep an entire IT department on-staff fixing and maintaining their systems. SAP’s cloud-based framework puts that responsibility in the vendor’s hands.
  • On-Demand Compliance. Unlike popular competitors like QuickBooks, SAP features built-in compliant processes that prevent employees from (either accidentally or intentionally) breaking compliance codes or compromising security.
  • An Intuitive User Experience. A major corporation can afford to train thousands of employees on how to use a custom-built ERP platform. Small businesses need a system that is easy to learn and use.

SAP Business One is a single software solution that consolidates all of the major processes that small or mid-sized businesses need to thrive. It includes modules for managing business financials, customer relationships, vendor relationships, inventory, purchases, manufacturing, project tracking, and reporting.

Why Small and Mid-sized Businesses Choose SAP

SAP’s approach to ERP development supports building an integrated employee ecosystem. SAP Business One users can power the platform with the ultra-reliable Microsoft SQL Server database or SAP’s deeply customisable HANA database.

Both choices offer better performance and scalability than competing ERP platforms and fragmented ad-hoc software environments. SAP outperforms the competition in a few key ways:

  • Lower Training Requirements. SAP Business One has one of the most user-friendly training modules of any commercial ERP platform. Free online video content offers guidance for nearly every process.
  • Enterprise-wide Search. Find any item of enterprise data instantly. SAP’s enterprise-wide search indexing capabilities help to simplify data-driven processes at every level.
  • Improved Customer Relationships. Empower customer-facing employees by giving them access to every customer’s conversations, emails, and transaction history. Let your customers know that you understand them.
  • Industry-specific Solutions. SAP Business One has the largest third-party vendor ecosystem of any platform of its kind. The SAP Partner community offers users access to a wide variety of industry-specific technology solutions.

Learn More About SAP Business One

One of the best things about SAP Business One is that it is inherently scalable. As your business grows, it will demand increasing resources and computing power. SAP’s enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure is ready to serve your customers’ needs, even during peak periods. This sets the stage for stable long-term growth.

Make SAP Business One the cornerstone of your small business and watch it grow into a powerful, efficient organisation.

For more information get in touch with the SMB Solutions team or head over to our YouTube Channel for more information and tutorial videos available now.

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