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The benefits of outsourcing to an MSP are too vast to ignore as both cyberattacks and data breaches are at record highs.

With cyberattacks on the rise and happening in record numbers, it has become apparent that most SMBs don’t have the right resources to protect themselves, their networks, their systems, or their clients’ data.

There is a solution that can help your business—partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). They offer a host of remotely managed IT services from basic infrastructure to cloud security. The Managed Services market is expected to grow beyond 300 billion over the next few years, so more and more companies are realising its potential each day.

Instead of handling it all in-house, IT hardware, software, and systems can be outsourced through an MSP. MSP’s manage, maintain, and secure your IT, leaving you more time to focus on your core business model.

5 Reasons You Need an MSP for Your SMB in 2021

There are many aspects to running a successful business. When you’re small in scale, you simply won’t have the resources to cover everything. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to ignore the essentials, like cybersecurity, data governance, or emergency backup services. This is where MSPs come into the picture.

Here are five things that Managed Service Providers can do for you and your business:

1.  Persistent Security

Cybercriminals and their methods are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated. Cybersecurity solutions have to be just as dynamic to keep up.

Hardware and software must be consistently updated, upgraded, and maintained. Real-time monitoring and security solutions must be manned at all times, with human labour or AI tools. Data must be backed up to protect digital assets in the event of a theft, system failure, or any other disaster.

Most small businesses simply do not have the resources to keep up with all these needs. Working with an MSP to take care of your security is a safe and reliable alternative.

2. On-Demand Scalability

Let’s say your IT solutions are hosted and managed internally. What happens when your client or customer base explodes? Are you prepared to scale up, acquiring all the new equipment and resources to handle the demand spike?

The answer is probably no. MSPs, on the other hand, can scale up or down instantly because their sole focus is providing IT and cloud services. They have all the necessary hardware installed and ready-to-go when you are.

3. Disaster Recovery

Bad things happen, whether natural or manmade. A natural disaster could destroy your office or headquarters, ruining servers, computers, and data drives on-site. In another scenario, hackers might use ransomware to access your network, lock you out, demand payment for re-entry, and then erase sensitive data.

With an MSP, these scenarios are much less devastating because automated digital backups of all mission-critical content can be created. The data is cloned every few minutes or hours, minimising losses and downtime during a major event.

4. Cost Savings

Take a moment to imagine what you would have to purchase, install, and maintain if you were to manage IT services in-house. You would need to hire IT staff with the appropriate knowledge and experience, too.

While the initial onboarding cost of an MSP may seem high, it is offset over time as you don’t need to manage all of the related hardware, software, systems, and associated costs of hiring staff to support this.

5. Always-On Support

MSPs and customer support crews can aid you or employees through remote access. Furthermore, most MSPs offer customer support 24/7 and have the staff and resources to honour it.

Technicians, for example, can use screen-sharing to demonstrate or aid personnel. They can also tap into a terminal remotely to adjust settings, update software, and more. Problems are resolved faster this way compared to the traditional systems in-house IT teams often use. When you need support, the MSP is there, whether remotely or on-site.

Made for SMBs

Managed Service Providers can make your life easier and will undoubtedly help secure the digital side of your business. They provide support to all businesses, big or small, whether they already have an IT team in place or can’t afford one.

In today’s landscape, it’s not safe to go alone—so why risk it?

Get in touch with the SMB Solutions MSP team today for more information on the Good, Better and Best options we have available for all of your IT needs!

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