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The closer your SAP Business One Cloud Hosting servers are to you, the better your business will run.

Global demand for data centre services is soaring, and businesses have more options than ever. Enterprise IT leaders can now run their most important assets in the cloud while capitalising on efficiencies with a global perspective. The wider the business’s scope is, the greater the need for reliable cloud servers in a variety of locations becomes. Choosing the right location for your SAP Business One Cloud Hosting can be as important as picking the right hardware, software, and expertise. Location can be a dealbreaker for enterprise IT leaders who emphasise speed and reliability.

Why Is SAP Business One Cloud Hosting Server Location so Important?

It’s easy to imagine that in a globally connected economy, great cloud computing results can be achieved from anywhere on the planet. Although this is true, it does not mean that the cloud server location is irrelevant.

In fact, it puts greater emphasis on location – but for reasons other than hardware, software, and expertise. Having a cloud data centre running your most critical applications near your users can lead to faster performance, better support availability, and superior connectivity. These benefits can have a significant bottom-line impact for cloud users.

  • Faster Cloud Performance

Latency delays are a fact of life in all cloud computing environments. Instead of drawing data from a file storage volume a few meters away, you might be sending data back and forth from a server several kilometres away, or even another country.

The farther away the physical location of the cloud server is, the greater that latency delay has to be. Since heavy-duty cloud servers are routinely used for high-volume data processing, these delays can quickly add up. As “chatty applications” increasingly become the norm, distributed organisations are going to look for ways to reduce the time spent on each individual step in their data processing workflows.


  • Better Support and Compliance

Having a local support team that understands your needs and the cultural foundation of your organisation can be a greater value-add than many people realise. Just having a team working the same business hours as your office can mean the difference between a few minutes of downtime and losing an entire workday.

As data privacy laws become more stringent, cloud users are going to have to spend more time and effort ensuring their data processes are compliant. These compliance rules are necessarily limited by geography, which makes having access to local expertise an important consideration whenever handling user data in a particular territory.

In short, if you’re handling data from users in a particular country or economic area, having a data centre nearby can be the best way to ensure your processes meet local requirements.


  • Superior Connectivity

Cloud-powered collaboration gives your business the ability to communicate more easily with users and partners outside the organisation. Location matters when it comes to optimising connectivity because it enables businesses to extend their infrastructure in a scalable way.

For example, having a data centre partner operate cloud computing in the same city as your headquarters can help you connect your entire workforce using cloud-enabled applications processed nearby. But if you have a large number of users in another country or on another continent, those applications will be far from them, causing latency delays and increasing costs. 

Working with a cloud partner that operates both in your local environment and in the places where your users live ensures optimal connectivity for everyone involved. The optimisation of connectivity between those two territories is the cloud provider’s job – and their entire business relies on it.


SMB Solutions Invests In Its Customers: Three Data Centres in Three Locations

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the fastest, most reliable SAP Business One Cloud hosting services available, SMB Solutions makes sure it has data centres positioned ideally to meet our customers’ demands. We have one centre in Sydney, Australia, another in Singapore, and a new data centre located in Atlanta, Georgia, giving us the ability to quickly process data for Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, and all of North America, as well.

Whether you are in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada or Mexico (in fact, anywhere in Latin America) – SMB Solutions is ready and available to help give your business the speed and connectivity it needs to thrive. Get in touch with the team today to learn more.

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