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Investing $250k in our technology to provide faster performance and a better user experience

At SMB Solutions Cloud Services, we are constantly investing and investigating new and improved ways to improve our overall service, improve our service speed and improve performance.

We do this by continuously adding to and upgrading our hardware and software – but this one is going to be different.

While all previous server and storage upgrades have either been minor or for maintenance, this server and storage upgrade will be different as it is a major enterprise-level upgrade that we are investing $250k in to.

What is being upgraded?

For our server upgrade, we have purchased 2 new DELL PowerEdge R840 server units with Quad CPU’s and 760GB of RAM in each – these are valued at $85k each. In addition, these new servers have the latest generation of SAP HANA certified CPUs and the latest generation of memory technology which will deliver an exponential increase in performance on our current generation of servers.

And for the new Flash-based storage upgrade, we have purchased a new state of the art DELL Unity 480F storage array with 28TB storage available Рvalued at $90k. This will be used to house all of our SQL and HANA databases and will deliver a greater than  5x data storage speed increase on what we currently have available. Flash-based storage is significantly better as it is all chip-based memory without any moving parts, unlike the spinning hard discs which require mechanical components to store the data. Flash-based reads data 10x faster and writes data 20x faster than traditional spinning hard discs.

When is the server and storage upgrade happening?

These new items of equipment have now been purchased and the team are planning to put them into action in our data centre locations from December 2021.

Our promise to our customers and partners

We pride ourselves on our values which are to be Transparent, Respectful, Agile, Consistent and Effective. We continue to uphold these values as we strive to deliver a working environment that is as fast, high-performing and delivers enterprise-level capabilities as cost effectively as possible.

If you would like more information about the equipment we use or about this server and storage upgrade, get in touch with the support team at SMB Solutions either via phone, email or the Client Portal.

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