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The newest addition to our data centre line-up puts Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America within the reach of our customers and users. Our American data centre partner is Cyxtera, whose ATL1 data centre offers state-of-the-art technology services and expertise for enterprises.

Located just 15 minutes away from Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, the ATL1 data centre is home to more than 90 media companies, software developers, and global enterprises. Its proximity to Google’s Atlanta data centre and the city’s financial hub – one of the world’s top ten – makes it a valuable addition to our customers’ technical asset structure.

Introducing the Cyxtera ATL1 Campus

Cyxtera’s Atlanta data centre is one of the most advanced multi-tenant offerings of its kind in the region. The facility’s users benefit from diverse network connectivity options, rigorous infrastructure solutions for critical systems, and state-of-the-art security.

The purpose-built single-storey building boasts approximately 10,000 square meters of space and is deliberately located outside the city’s flood zone. In July 2019, Cyxtera improved the data centre’s industry-leading security and continuity systems, installing a more robust utility power system and improving the accessibility of its disaster recovery capabilities.

As one of the newest and most sophisticated data centres in its area, ATL1 boasts best-in-class connectivity for customers and users. It supplies its tenants with copper and fibre-optic cross-connection capabilities, dual diverse fibre entrance facilities, and carrier-neutral interconnection solutions.  ATL1’s cloud on-ramps provide ultra-fast connections to leading providers; less than three milliseconds of latency. The data centre’s cloud connectivity on-ramps currently offer ultra-fast gateways to eight unique network solutions alongside a growing community of service providers. 

Some of the certifications and compliance measures that ATL1 has earned include:

ATL1 users benefit from 24/7 security surveillance with three months of image and video retention. Every access point into the building is covered by a robust two-factor authentication process, using biometric scanners and RFID badge readers. Entrance mantraps, bulletproof glass, and ballistic panelling offer significant security benefits and prevent forced entry.

Inside the building, customers may elect to house their server infrastructure in individual Secure Cabinets and dedicated Secure Cages. ATL1’s highly secure solution deployment options build on top of the campuses’ dedicated security assets. ATL1 customers can benefit from the campuses’ wide range of on-premises amenities. Free, secure Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. Work kiosks and conference rooms make it easy for visitors and employees to achieve business objectives in a relaxing, professional environment.


Earn New Customers Through State-of-the-Art Networking Services

Cyxtera’s ATL1 data centre offers a robust presence to North American users, allowing SMB Solutions to provide ultra-fast technology solutions to organisations that serve Mexican, American, and Canadian customers. Talk to a specialist at SMB Solutions now to find out how you can capitalise on the unique opportunity to expand to one of the world’s most vibrant markets.

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