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Take a deep dive into Equinix Sydney, Singapore, and Cyxtera Atlanta IBX Data Centres and learn more about how our new hardware upgrades are changing the game.

In today’s landscape, digital information, or data, is one of the most valuable commodities in existence. But no matter how big or small the batch, it’s stored somewhere physically—be it on a single hard drive or a large data server. Companies have a lot riding on that data, and so do customers, so it must be stored securely and safely.

That’s where data centres come into play, offering unprecedented benefits in storage, security, handling, and even backup solutions. Data storage and hosting providers bring unmatched technical expertise to the table and provide the resources and hardware to facilitate data streams at scale. Cue SMB Solutions Cloud Services and Equinix with its multi-location data centres.

Equinix helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centres. The Sydney International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres, for example, include a total of eight facilities with a network that spans two campuses. That level of scale and power ensures that customers’ data flexibility and redundancy needs are met precisely and effectively. There are multiple data centres, serving a wide reach, including the Cyxtera centre in Lithia Springs, Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, and another Equinix centre in Singapore in Southeast Asia.

Why Use SMBSCS Interconnected and Networked Data Centres?

The more expansive the data centre, the better the experience for customers, and the more opportunities are available to purveyors. Equinix Sydney IBX provides access to over 280 cloud providers, spanning brands like Google Compute, Cloud Oracle, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and beyond. Cyxtera, our U.S. hub in Atlanta is another major centre for financial, industry, telecommunications, and infrastructure partners. It is one of the most innovative and advanced multi-tenant data campuses in the region, with over 100,000 square feet of space. The Equinix Singapore cloud hub accommodates over 205 carriers and is home to one of the world’s top internet peering exchanges.

Peering allows the interconnected networks to exchange traffic, which means they hand off the related data without middlemen. It improves performance, security, and usability for clients and is a distinct alternative to transit-based traffic, which can come with exorbitant fees. Equinix data centres are a first-class solution for reaching a remarkably diverse ecosystem and selection of companies, whether network, enterprise, or cloud-based.

Supreme security governs each data centre that Equinix oversees. In Sydney, servers are secured in a private suite, which only select team members can access. The SMB Solutions racks are heavily protected behind biometric scanners and are monitored by cameras internally day and night. They are also scanned for motion, temperature, humidity, and other indicators. These measures safeguard all hardware and protect everything stored on those servers indefinitely. Nearly identical security measures exist at both Equinix Singapore and Cyxtera Atlanta facilities.

If you’d like to know more, you can read all the specifications of an Equinix facility in its individual guide found on the Hosting Locations section of our website. You can learn about all the physical and electronic security measures, fire suppression techniques, building and floor types, and even on-site amenities—from showers to crash carts.

Upgrades to Come

After recently completing hardware upgrades at the Equinix Sydney centre, more will be rolled out within the Singapore facility to be finished by mid-to-late February 2022. SMB Solutions Cloud Services is consistently upgrading and evolving its hardware and properties, but recent events have put a damper on that for some time. International travel has been out of the question for about two years due to the pandemic.

In addition to new server upgrades, with the implementation of two new Dell PowerEdge R840 servers, there will also be flash-based storage improvements to boost performance and usability for all clients and services. A new state-of-the-art Dell Unity 480F storage array, complete with 28 terabytes of storage space and a value of $90,000, will be installed. Compared to the current installation, it will provide a 5x data storage speed increase, especially since flash-based storage can read 10x faster and write 20x faster than traditional hard discs. This means that customers can expect better overall performance, improved loading times for cloud services, and a huge boost in reliability.

In total, SMB Solutions Cloud Services is investing $250,000 in new technology to vastly improve the user experience and performance within its facilities.

Locations That Matter

Besides performance and uptime, one of the most important considerations when choosing a provider is the location of its data centres. The further that centre is from your customers, the larger the complications. The Equinix Sydney IBX Data Centre is extremely close to subsea cable stations in Australia, offering global connectivity and exceptional performance for the financial services community. It can also deliver high speeds to customers located well away from the greater Sydney area. The same is true of the Singapore IBX Data Centre, which is centrally located to offer key global financial performance and support but also reliable coverage to all potential customers across the country.

No matter where you—or your customers—are located, there’s a viable data centre nearby, with coverage solutions like you’ve never seen before.

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