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SMB Solutions Cloud Services makes saving documents in your cloud session even easier and more streamlined with the S: Drive!

The SMB Solutions team is constantly looking for ways to improve service and product usability for our customers and partners. Currently when you are inside your cloud session you can save documents and files such as PDFs and Spreadsheets to the C: drive in the cloud environment. Now this isn’t a problem per se, but it can get quite messy and not everything inside the cloud environment, such as your Desktop, is considered a mission-critical backup. So to streamline this process and navigation for all of our users we have created the S: drive!

At this stage the S: drive is available alongside the C: and D: drives, which you may be a little more familiar with, but to avoid confusion and disruption soon you will only be able to see the S: drive available in your cloud environment. The best part about this S: drive is that each user will have their own drive and it will be backed up every day – so you know when you’re saving your documents to this location, they will be secure in the event of disaster recovery.

So How Do I Find the S: Drive?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s do a step-by-step walkthrough and take a look..

Let’s start here – I have a Sales Order open in my SAP Business One program and I want to save it as a PDF in my cloud environment. So first I’m going to click on the PDF button (circled in red) to bring up my Sales Order as a PDF.

Great! Now I have my Sales Order open as a PDF (pictured below) and I want to save it to my S: drive so I can access it easily and any time I want.. but where to now?

Let’s go ahead and click the orange File button in the top left corner and click on Save As (circled in red). Once you’re inside the Save As option, click on the little folder that says Browse (circled in purple) – this will bring up the available folders inside your cloud session.

Once you have clicked Browse it will bring up your File Explorer (pictured below). This is where you have the option to save your PDF to just about anywhere, so where is the S: drive?

Go ahead and click on the This PC option on the left side of the File Explorer (circled in red). Inside your This PC option you will see all of the available drives and there it is! Your new S: Drive (circled in Green)!

Now before we just click straight into the new drive to save our PDF, let’s take a moment to make it easier for ourselves next time by adding the drive to our Quick Access option.

As you can see in the picture above I’ve already done this for my S: drive, so to do it for yours you simply Click and Drag your S: drive and drop it just underneath the Quick Access heading. Once you have done this it will always stay there, making it easier to access every time you have a new document to save.

If you change your mind and decide you don’t want Quick Access anymore, you just need to right-click on the Quick Access S: drive and select Unpin From Quick Access. Now the drive will now no longer be showing under your Quick Access options.

If you’re still not sure about this process or you get a little lost along the way, we have created a video on our YouTube Channel that might be a bit easier for you to follow along with rather than these written instructions. Alternatively, if you’re still stuck and need some help, the SMB Solutions Support Team is always ready and available to help – get in contact today.

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