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SMB Solutions Cloud Services now has a password portal so changing your password is easy and contact-free

The team at SMB Solutions Cloud Services are excited to announce that the new password portal is now available to our customers and partners. Our most common service request is to change passwords either because they have been forgotten, compromised or it’s simply expired and needs to be changed for security reasons.

Now you have the power to change your password when you need without having to log a support ticket or call the support phone number.


How do I access the new password portal?

It’s easy to access the new password portal as it can be accessed through your web browser. The URL is slightly different depending on whether you are on our Australian servers or Singapore servers.

For our Australian customers and partners, the URL is as follows: http://selfservice.smbsolutions.com.au:8889/

For our Singapore customers and partners, the URL is as follows: http://selfservice.smbsolutionssg.com:8888/

When you enter this address into your web browser, it will bring you to the login screen you see below. The best part about this portal is you don’t need any different or special logins, you just use your SMB Solutions Cloud login details. You can see in the login screen below that the details I have entered are the exact same as I would do when logging into the cloud – putting the SMBSOLUTIONS before my user code and ensuring the drop-down menu is showing the SMB SOLUTIONS option.

The first time you click Login it will pop up with this Welcome message asking you to enrol. It’s a quick enrolment that only takes about 2-3 minutes and the purpose of it is to set up some security questions in case you completely forget your password.

Once you have selected your security questions and given the answers, you will then receive a successful message – this means your password portal profile is now set up and ready to use!


But how do I change my password?

To change your password from the portal is simple. When you are logged in you will see a Menu bar across the top of the screen with 3 tab options – Profile, Change Password and Enrollment. As you probably guessed, to change your password you want to click on the Change Password tab.

As you can see in the screenshot above you simply need to enter your old password, then enter and confirm your new password. It has provided you with password rules but if you’re not sure what you want your new password to be or you need help generating a secure password, it’s best to use a password generator such as LastPass to help you get the best password.

Changing your password regularly is an important security practice to prevent hackers and ransomware attacks. This is why all SMB Solutions user passwords expire after 90 days* – to ensure our customers and partners keep up this important security practice regularly. For more information on the importance of changing your password and why it’s worth the effort, check out our blog post here.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful. As always if you need any assistance in setting up your password portal or if you just want more information, reach out to the SMB Solutions Support team here.

*Update: As per June 2021 security update email, it is no longer best practice to update passwords every 90 days as it leads to bad password behaviours. Therefore, it is no longer SMBSCS policy for passwords to expire after 90 days.

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