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Discover the benefits of implementing SAP Business One Cloud Hosting in your business

SAP Business One Cloud Hosting solutions are an essential part of any organisation’s digital transformation and pandemic resilience strategy.

While huge global enterprises have already flocked to SAP for its superior resource planning products, small and mid-sized businesses have much to gain from the vendor as well. Optimising your infrastructure while gaining access to enterprise-level technology offers clear advantages to any growing company.

What Is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One offers cloud-hosted business management in a single, intuitive interface. It operates in a secure cloud environment and frees users from maintaining their own servers, performing their own backups, and managing their own infrastructure.

Small and mid-sized businesses use SAP Business One as a robust and scalable resource planning solution. It helps leaders standardise and streamline business processes, minimise administrative delays, and mitigate business risks across the board.

Some of the main advantages this platform offers include:

  • Streamlined accounting and finance. SAP Business One makes daily accounting tasks and financial reporting easier than ever. Know where your business stands at any given moment with granular detail.
  • Best-in-class sales and customer management. Manage every aspect of the sales process with a single point of reference. Gain instant insight into every step of the customer lifecycle.
  • Expedited purchasing. Use best-in-class administrative tools to manage the order-to-pay cycle. Send receipts, invoices, and returns automatically, and generate reports in real-time.
  • All-in-one inventory and distribution. Use SAP Business One to manage inventory in real-time, gaining insight into your inbound and outbound shipments across multiple locations without suffering delays.
  • Efficient operations. SAP is renowned for the efficiency of its order management systems, which allow users to manage projects, service contracts, and billing in a single interface.
  • Democratised reporting and administration. SAP Business One eliminates organizational silos and makes data available to the users who need it when they need it. 

Why SMBs Choose Managed SAP Solutions

For many enterprises, deploying SAP is an enormous and expensive undertaking. The greater the size of the organisation, the higher the costs become. This put best-in-class enterprise resource management out of reach for many small and mid-sized businesses.

SAP’s cloud-hosted solution radically changes that landscape. Now, small and mid-sized businesses can deploy SAP technology as a hosted solution, relying on trustworthy technology vendors to handle their infrastructural needs in a cost-effective way. This saves huge amounts of money for organisations that can’t afford expensive on-premise SAP deployments. It allows for improved customer service and technical support that relies on vendor expertise. 

More and more business leaders are entrusting their growing organizations to the SAP Business One Cloud. Find out how your company can take advantage of hosted cloud technology for scalable growth and significant savings by getting in touch with SMBSCS today.

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