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Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions can save business owners hours of work and frustration.

For most small and mid-sized businesses, cloud-powered productivity platforms are too useful to pass up. Tools like Microsoft Office 365 or the Google G Suite are growing at a record pace because they offer extraordinary value to organisations.

In late 2019, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claimed that Office 365’s commercial license had 180 million active monthly users. Google claims an impressive two billion users – including its suite of free services like Gmail. It has declined to specify how many users pay for the company’s more sophisticated productivity tools, but the fact remains – cloud-based productivity is here to stay.

However, while cloud-based workflows offer important security benefits over their on-premises predecessors, they also present new challenges. Securing and recovering cloud-based data remains an obstacle for many small businesses.

How to Prevent Data Loss in the Cloud

Business continuity is all about preventing the loss of data, regardless of the circumstance. In order to truly secure popular cloud-based productivity platforms like Office 365 and G Suite, business continuity solutions must be able to restore cloud data quickly and securely.

According to Datto, one out of every three users experiences data loss in these cloud applications. These incidents span the spectrum from accidental deletions, cloud configuration errors, and malicious attacks. Safeguarding cloud applications is critical to ensuring reliable business continuity. This means investing in a solution that offers cloud-to-cloud backup, ensuring every new document and spreadsheet is accessible not just from the productivity suite vendor, but also from a secure, independent third-party source.

Datto’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution achieves exactly that.

The business continuity vendor’s SaaS Protection package lets users enjoy important security and recovery benefits:

  • Improves SaaS Application Recovery Features. Not every SaaS productivity suite comes with the best data recovery and cybersecurity tools. It is not part of their core expertise. SaaS Protection compensates for native recovery inefficiencies.
  • Cuts Storage Costs. Most cloud-based productivity providers charge users additional license fees to store the data of departed employees. Most businesses accept this as one of the necessary costs of compliance – but a fully-featured cloud-to-cloud backup service makes those extra licensing fees redundant.
  • Fast, Effective Ransomware Recovery. Ransomware can encrypt data in your SaaS productivity platforms just as easily as it can infect on-premises systems. Recovering from a ransomware attack means being able to access all of the affected data – not just some of it.
  • Improves Transferability. Moving emails, files, and entire applications from one user to another is difficult without a cloud-based backup storage solution in place. Move employee data from one user account to another with ease using a cloud-based backup system that reproduces documents, applications, and permissions.

Mitigate the Risk of Data Loss

Data loss can happen in any number of ways. Technical errors can cause files to get corrupted, absent-minded employees can accidentally delete important data, and cybercriminals can intentionally destroy critical pieces of business infrastructure. Addressing this risk is part of every executive’s greater responsibility to mitigate business risks to ensure the company thrives even in the face of unexpected challenges. Get in touch with the SMB Solutions support team today to learn more about how we can help protect your business from data loss.

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