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Expand productivity with preconfigured third-party integration templates for SAP Business One.

The average enterprise uses hundreds of custom applications alongside reputable, enterprise software titles designed for the cloud. Logistics, marketing, and e-commerce are all fields where industry leaders have made a significant impact by offering useful, integration-ready tools for organisations of all sizes.

One of the many benefits of SAP Business One is the ability to leverage these integrations to extend and expand the platform’s capabilities. Today’s SAP users can deploy customised solutions that integrate some of the most reputable tools in their industries with the SAP Business One environment.

They achieve this through the SAP Business One Integration Hub. This software package allows SAP users to achieve next-generation automation results using some of the tech world’s most reputable titles.

Preconfigured Templates Make Integration Even Easier

SAP Business One has always been focused on easy, flexible integration. The platform’s development team has now taken their approach one step further by including pre-configured templates for some of the most popular software integrations today’s enterprises demand:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Aramex
  • FedEx
  • Expensify
  • Fixer
  • MailChimp
  • SendGrid
  • Nexmo
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • WooCommerce, and more!

Enterprises that rely on these solutions on a daily basis can now integrate them into their SAP Business One platform without having to rely on expensive, drawn-out development processes. The templates automatically map relevant processes and set default configurations that allow for near plug-and-play functionality in the SAP environment.

Benefits of Deploying the SAP Integration Hub

  • Optimisation. Enterprises that can streamline their daily operations are better able to implement end-to-end solutions for data processing, handling, and analysis. Optimised processes make use of the latest automation software to produce consistent, reproducible results.
  • Productivity. The SAP Integration Hub allows enterprises to transform their data processing and analysis capabilities. Collaborative processes between enterprises and their partners can now be automated for best-in-class efficiency.
  • Improved User Experience. Instead of having dozens of different user interfaces for every solution your employees use, the Integration Hub allows your enterprise to establish a single interface for the vast majority of business processes. Embedded, easy-to-use interface elements lead to a far superior user experience for employees.
  • Standardisation. Standardised processes lead to more consistent results. Enterprises that harmonise their software infrastructure using a set of robust integrations are able to deliver memorable experiences to their customers in a uniform way.
  • Predictable Costs. The absence of middleware and external data storage means that your entire software environment can run on a simple subscription basis. SAP’s one-time licensing structure applies for all of your integrated software, eliminating the need for additional transaction fees, monthly pricing, or volume fees.

Find Out What the Integration Hub Can Do for You Today

SAP Business One’s Integration Hub supports both on-premises and cloud-based deployment, offering optimal flexibility to both customers and partners. You can now integrate the most popular third-party services and solutions into the SAP environment without hard-to-find technical expertise, specialist programming knowledge, or extensive security audits. Find out how it works!

For more information, visit the SAP Business One Integration Hub website or get in touch with the SMB Solutions team today.

Last updated January 2021.

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