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After a year of too many upgrades, the 2021 schedule should ease disruptions.

Staying up to date with the latest versions of SAP Business One with an upgrade schedule keeps the program running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

At SMB Solutions Cloud Services, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is based on upgrading SAP Business One to the newer version twice a year.  Unfortunately in the latest versions of SAP, there have been quite a few bugs. As a result of these bugs, we have ended up having to do 6 upgrades in the last 12 months. 

Where do we stand now?

All of our clients are now running on SAP Business One Version 10 FP 2008 HF1, which was released by SAP in late October to address several critical issues in the previous version. Our plan now is to stay on this version for the next 6 months to allow everyone some much-deserved peace with uninterrupted access. 

With this in mind, some of our clients are already receiving notifications from SAP advising them that due to bugs in their current version they must upgrade to FP 2011 to address these bugs. Those clients will require an upgrade if they want those bugs addressed. However, as this requirement does not impact the majority of our clients we are not planning to upgrade everyone. 

What do I do if I have received a notice to upgrade from SAP?

Clients who need to upgrade due to these notices from SAP will be able to do so, however, there will be a one-off charge of AUD$1400 for an Out of Scope Upgrade. This will be our policy effective immediately as people in our public cloud cannot afford to be upgraded unnecessarily due to the disruption it causes. We recognise that advice from SAP to upgrade your software to address a bug can be frustrating, as we also find it frustrating for you and us. Often people can view these problems as being caused by SMB Solutions Cloud Services, but we do not have any control over the recommendations coming directly from SAP or write the software.

Please liaise with your partner to arrange any upgrades required by SAP, but also bear in mind the additional charge. The Out of Scope Upgrade charge will cover the necessity to deploy additional resources to handle a separate version of SAP Business One and the time required to complete this. 

The 2021 SMBSCS SAP Upgrade Schedule

For our clients who are happy and able to continue with the SMB Solutions SAP Upgrade Schedule, you can anticipate the next upgrade to arrive in June 2021 and followed by an upgrade in December 2021. Please note that as June is a busy time for everyone due to the end of the financial year, the upgrade itself will not be actioned until August 2021 to ensure minimal disruption around the end of financial year.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our schedule, please get in touch with the SMB Solutions support team today. 

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