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SMB Solutions are the team to trust when it comes to business process improvement.

Small businesses usually don’t have the complexity of large businesses but they still need agile management practices to ensure business continuity and good staff processes. SMB Solutions Cloud Services knows first hand the importance of these processes being in place and how much of a difference it can make to not only business continuity, but to staff management and workplace culture.


Business process improvement should provide businesses with an understanding of existing business processes and where there may be gaps. As you probably know – where there are process gaps, staff will make up their own which may or may not be in line with the directions you want as a business owner. To help get you started we have put together a few tips that will help get your business processes back on track!


  • Improving business processes should involve employees wherever possible – Employees have the best hands-on experience with customers and can often make the biggest difference in identifying the best way do get stuff done and highlight common customer needs.


  • Owners can really add value to process improvement by identifying future directions – By identifying future directions it helps employees to see the vision you have for the future of your business and work with you to build the business you want. It also helps you as an employer take the time to step back from your business and clarify where you are and where you want to be.


  • Having an experienced and trusted staff member to run the business improvement project – As an employer, it can be hard to find time to manage business process improvement while also managing staff, business locations, budget and whatever else may be occupying your time! Having a dedicated staff member or professional running a business improvement project means you can continue doing what you do best while your internal business grows stronger. This is critical in getting rapid and agile process improvements running and in place.

Here’s a mini business case study that may assist you in deciding to improve your business management.

Like many small to medium businesses Company-X had a rapid start-up and were focussed on meeting customer requirements rather than managing internal business requirements.

What they did have were systems for payroll, accounting, data management, customer communication and internal team communication.

 What they didn’t have was a supporting operational structure than covered business process management, HR process management, quality management, risk management, issue or incident management and change management.


Company-X made the decision to buy in the support to establish all of the above. Based on an agreed set of priorities the business operational manager set about working through the development of the procedures, systems, staff change and training.

 The process took Company-X 3 months, but they now have robust systems and procedures that are sufficient for good business and staff management and also ready enough for ISO-certification.

 Company-X now has staff working from home with good communication, task management and fit-for-purpose procedures.

Company-X is actually SMB Solutions Cloud Services, so when we say we are the team to trust in business process improvement it’s because we have been through it ourselves. Kerry Duffy, our experienced and extremely organised COO, led the way by coordinating not only with Richard Duffy CEO but also with all of the team members of SMB Solutions. Getting everyone involved helped clarify not only the business processes we were missing and in need of, but also everyone’s role and how important it is in reaching our end goal.

If you need help in improving your business processes, get in touch to learn more about how SMB Solutions Cloud Services can help build your business to be more streamlined and efficient.

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