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SMB Solutions Cloud Services Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

A collection of the most viewed blogs by SMBSCS

2022 was a big year for blog posts at SMB Solutions Cloud Services!

As we look back at the top 10 viewed posts, there seems to be a more significant interest in cybersecurity and two-factor authentication as well as SAP Business One. All of these posts except for number 10 were published at least a year earlier, showing how valuable and relevant this information continues to be.

Several posts are appearing in the top 10 list for the second year in a row, including number 5, number 7 and number 9.

1) SAP Business One Mobile Sales and Service Apps now available on SQL Server

Published September 2021

SAP Business One users on Microsoft SQL Server can now manage their business using the Service Layer and mobile applications. This blog post includes information about what the SAP Business One Service Layer is and what the different SAP mobile apps available are.

2) Accessing SAP Business One via the Web

Published February 2021

SAP offers multiple access options to web-based users. Optimise the user experience by changing the way you access SAP Business One. Discover the 3 ways to access SAP Business One Cloud through the Web.

3) Two-Factor Authentication and Critical Security: Don’t Ignore These Updates!

Published September 2021

SMB Solutions two-factor authentication and password security updates protect customers from ransomware and data breaches. Learn more about what they are in this blog post.

4) Don’t Sleep on 2FA: Why You Need Duo for Your Business

Published March 2021

With cybercrime on the rise, you must take advantage of every opportunity to secure your accounts and employees through services like Duo. Including information like what 2FA is and why choose Duo.

5) The Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication and Why It’s Necessary

Published November 2019

Organisations that deploy two-factor authentication have much tighter security. Discover how this feature helps tighten organisational cybersecurity.

6) SAP Business One Attachments: Making Sense of the Chaos

Published August 2021

Document management is a critical tool for business. Learn more about what it is and how SAP handles it with SAP Business One Attachments.

7) Using the SAP Business One Web Client – Part 1: Navigation and Personalisation

Published October 2020

Find out how to get started using the SAP Business One Web Client and learn how to navigate and personalise your Web Client in Part 1.

8) Using the SAP Business One Web Client – Part Five: Analytics

Published November 2020

Discover and learn how to use data analytics in list view and chart view in the SAP Business One Web Client.

9) SAP Business One Version 10 Makes Office 365 More Powerful

Published February 2021

Make the most of Your Office 365 integration with SAP Business One and improve the user experience to make your business run smoother.

10) How Often Do You Need to Train Employees on Cybersecurity Awareness?

Published August 2022

Cybersecurity awareness training needs to be held more frequently than most companies think. Learn why training every 4 months is so important!

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With a vast library of blog posts available on the SMB Solutions Cloud Service Blog page, the learning doesn’t end here. For more SAP Business One specific blog posts, you can check out the SAP Business One Community Blog page.

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