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Learn more about what it takes to be regarded as cloud.


Many different organisations try to define cloud computing based on the definition that suits their business model best, however, there are a number of key requirements for a solution to be regarded as cloud.

In order for a solution to be regarded as cloud, it needs to be delivered via the internet, ideally in a web browser, and should not require a user to install any additional software to facilitate the core delivery of the applications in “cloud mode”.

Of course, as we have there are potentially additional components to address things such as print management, single sign-on, multifactor authentication and VPNs for additional security but the core should require no user intervention. Often times technology enthusiasts and pundits will want to get into discussions about how an application is built, the programming languages, technologies and architectures, but for most customers those discussions are irrelevant.

SAP Business One Cloud

The great thing about utilising SAP Business One Cloud is that it meets all of the criteria previously mentioned. It also provides a number of different user interfaces depending on the needs of the user (and their preferences).

A few examples of this include the SMB Solutions Web Client, delivering the full SAP Business One experience with all complementary solutions in a secure web browser environment (pictured below) and solutions such as Enterpryze that provide additional web and mobile interfaces and applications to meet customer needs. We have previously mentioned in our blog posts that SAP has released its own WebClient with a variety of user-friendly features.

As a user of SAP Business One Cloud on the SMB Solutions Cloud Platform, keep in mind that there are many ways to utilise our cloud. Don’t forget to reach out to our team should you ever have questions regarding how you’re using it, if you’re using the most efficient and effective way, or if you just have a concern about a specific issue that you feel is causing challenges or may be blocking you from working as efficiently as you like.

We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering applications and can find an answer to almost any question and enhance your use of our cloud solution. In fact, you can find a lot of the questions already answered in our FAQ section of the website as well as via the videos in our Resources section also on the website.

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