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Key Features

For expert IT management, priceless peace of mind & quick service when you need it most – trust SMB Solutions. Our Managed Services plans are designed to replace the need for an in-house IT department, saving time, money and reducing your cybersecurity risk.

Comprehensive Security

Experience unmatched protection with our Sophos security solutions.

Automated Upgrades

Enjoy peace of mind in your business with our automated upgrade system.

Cloud Convenience

Leverage the simplicity and efficiency of cloud convenience to streamline your operations.

Simple Scalability

Adapt and expand your operations effortlessly, thanks to our flexible scalability solutions.

Total Data Recovery
and Protection

There are hundreds of scenarios that can put your business in peril, from technological errors like volume or file system corruption to natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, and floods. Organisations that invest in their resiliency against these threats are well-prepared to ensure business continuity regardless of the situations thrown their way.

Our partnership with Datto ensures that our MSP customers enjoy comprehensive access to their data and infrastructure whenever they need it. Whether sending employees home as a result of social distancing measures or responding to devastating natural disasters, Datto’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service model ensures that business can go on as usual in even the most extreme environments.

Managed IT Services Case Studies

Brisbane Money Management

When it comes to money matters, even the smallest nuance that goes unnoticed can have a serious ripple effect on client outcomes. That’s why the Brisbane Money Management team migrated to SMB Solutions cloud-based server technology on a Managed Services plan – a move that the director, Tristan Gamack, describes as one of the best business decisions the firm has made.

IsFab Steel and Fabrication

After a rapid growth period, IsFab needed to update their IT equipment, phone system, and other components. They chose Managed Services by SMB Solutions to enable a faultless upgrade without a large equipment investment. Now, IsFab can focus their resources on serving their customers – knowing their tech is working seamlessly in the background.

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