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Our team has had an exciting, productive year full of successes for us and our customers!


Everyone wants their business to grow. Expanding operations and developing new product lines is part of what makes running a company rewarding. At SMB Solutions, we’ve taken great care to add value not only to our organisation but to enhance your customer experience as well.

Some of the highlights of this year include:


1) Adding Two New Staff Members to the Team

Taylor Pretty, Marketing Manager

Kerry Duffy, COO

Many of our clients and partners have already spoken with Taylor Duffy, Marketing Manager, and Kerry Duffy, our Chief Operating Officer.

With years of experience and key insights into the world of process development and customer service, our two new staff members are playing an integral role in streamlining services for our clients. We are looking forward to boosting your ability to use our team as a valuable and insightful resource moving forwards with the addition of these two professionals.


2) Enhancing Customer Experience Moving and Streamlining Cloud Access

With a focus on delivering constant improvement, optimising our client experience and boosting platform reliability and performance is a core focus for our team.  Technology changes rapidly and with enhancements, Microsoft made in Windows Server 2019 we determined it was an appropriate time to move our solutions to a totally Microsoft based platform. 


With customer experience at the centre of our design philosophy, it made sense to make this change so that our customers could benefit from the integration between the Microsoft server platform and the Windows Client Operating System that 95% of our customers use every day. Not to be left out, our Mac OS X customers also benefit from the new enhanced experience delivered.

Our new end to end Microsoft Cloud platform offers three major improvements:

  • Multiple Access Methods. Our customers and partners can now use three separate access methods to enter the cloud environment, making it easier to integrate cloud-related tasks into business workflows.
  • Simplified Printing and Transfers. The latest iteration of the Microsoft technology can automatically detect all local printers and connect to your device’s default printer. Users can also move files in and out of their local C: Drive without extra steps. Web browser access to your SAP Business One Solution is also delivered from the same platform making anywhere anytime access even easier.
  • Easier Management. Although it does not directly impact on our customers, the new Microsoft Windows 2019 Server makes it easier to manage customers and their available applications. It streamlines the process of terminating troublesome sessions and improves our ability to deliver customer support when needed.

Watch our training videos here for Windows and Mac OS X to learn just how simple and streamline this new platform is.


3) Deploying New Servers In Our Singapore Server Centre

We expanded our South Asian footprint with a brand new set of servers in Singapore. Increasing the capacity and power of our Singapore server centre has allowed us to  improve our services to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea.

The Equinix SG2 colocation and data centre features one of the world’s three GRX peering points for roaming mobile data exchange. This technology helps us provide world-class services to clients who travel outside their mobile data service provider’s coverage area. 

You can take a digital tour of our partner facility here. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable services available and boosting our footprint at Equinix SG2 helps with that goal.

4) Attending BrewCon 2019 for the First Time

This year marks our first experience attending BrewCon2019 in Melbourne, Australia. As distributors of OrchestratedBEER, one of the most popular integrated business management solutions for  the brewing industry, we wanted to make sure Australia’s craft beer community knew it had access to this powerful solution for streamlining their production and administration processes.


We also helped celebrate the first-ever Indie Beer Day, toasting to the Independent Brewers Association and independent brewers everywhere. Indie Beer Day is an event dedicated to independent brewers and craft beer producers across the nation. The event culminated with a countrywide cheers at 2:00 PM (AEDT) on October 26th. Find out more about Indie Beer Day here

5) Performing Two Successful Disaster Recovery Drills

One of the highlights of our year was our disaster preparedness program. This initiative was designed to test our resilience to a broad range of disaster scenarios – from power outages to cyber-attacks and natural disasters. Disaster recovery drills help to ensure our team is ready to respond to any contingency that may occur.

Disaster recovery drills are the only way to ensure an organised, productive response to business-threatening downtime. Our drills covered a wide range of system failures and infrastructure problems, forcing our team to deploy solutions to ensure uptime even in the worst of circumstances.

We’re happy to announce that the SMB Solutions team performed remarkably on both our disaster recovery drills for 2019. It’s through exercises like these that we can reliably guarantee uptime to our customers even when faced with extraordinary obstacles.

Here’s to an Even Greater 2020!

Our team is preparing for the new year, laying the foundations for an exciting new period of growth and development for us, our suppliers and most importantly you, our customers.

There is plenty of exciting news to come that will deliver even more value to your business so keep your eyes peeled for the next years’ announcements!


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