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Easy, convenient and ready to use – here’s how to use the SMBSCS Web Client

To access the SMB Solutions Cloud Services Web Client, first, you need to open up your web browser and type in – https://gateway.smbsolutions.com.au/RDWeb .

This will take you to the login page you see below. Instead of logging in at this point, select the option Web Browser Client in the bottom right-hand box – circled in red in the picture below.

When you click on the Web Browser Client option, it will open up a new tab or window depending on your web browser settings. It will take you to the login screen you see below, so just as you would normally do to sign in, don’t forget to add SMBSOLUTIONS before you type in your user code and password.

Once you have entered your login credentials and clicked Sign In, you will be taken to your SMB Solutions Web Client dashboard (pictured below).

To open your SAP Business One program, click on the SAP icon. This will begin loading the program (pictured below).

You may get a pop-up box asking to confirm access to local resources such as your printer if this is your first time logging in. Make sure click Allow if this pop-up box does appear.

Once the program has finished loading you will now be logged on to your SAP Business One dashboard!

Click here to watch the detailed step by step tutorial video.

Important Features of the SMB Solutions Web Client

In the SMB Solutions Web Client, there are a few key features that are worth noting to improve your user experience on the portal including:

  • The Full-Screen Button – circled in red in the picture below, the full-screen button gives you the ability to maximise and minimise your screen to suit your working style and your device screen.
  • The Pin Taskbar Button – squared in green in the picture below, the pin taskbar button allows you to minimise the SMB Solutions taskbar at the top of the screen. This is to allow you to choose your preferred style of working and remove the functionality you may not need while using your SAP Business One program. If you need the SMB Solutions taskbar to return you are able to do so with the button at the top of the screen with 3 lines that replaces the taskbar as you minimise it.
  • The User Account Button – the icon with the avatar image next to the Pin Taskbar button pictured below, gives you the ability to either log out once you have finished your session or to change your password if you would like to do so.

Get in touch with the support team today for further assistance and information on our Web Client.

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