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Stay ahead of your competition with advanced technologies such as Cloud ERP

Now that 2022 is well and truly over, it’s time to review your annual targets for sales, marketing, and customer acquisition for your business in 2023. However, with renewed business targets, you must ask yourself if your existing business systems are enough to achieve the set goals. 

Increasing competition and customer demand require you to integrate advanced tools that improve your business’s bottom line. Tools that reduce company expenditure, improve collaboration, and develop enhanced services with technologies like AI will help you grow your business. Cloud enterprise resource planning or Cloud ERP solution offers just that.

Let’s understand what Cloud ERP is and how your business can benefit from it. 

What is Cloud ERP? 

Cloud ERP is an end-to-end business management software that helps you automate and manage business operations like finance, sales, and manufacturing. 

Unlike on-premise ERP solutions, you can access this software over the internet. You no longer need to install expensive hardware equipment or hire a full-time IT staff to keep your legacy ERP systems, as Cloud ERP systems are hosted remotely on the vendor’s servers. 

Besides the massive cost savings and easy accessibility, this software has several other benefits, including simplified compliance for highly regulated industries like healthcare, robust security, and advanced customisation capabilities. In addition, the fact that over 60% of businesses prefer Cloud ERP software over on-premise ERP systems speaks volumes about the popularity of these cloud solutions. 

Why should I use Cloud ERP for my business?

Cloud ERP helps you manage your end-to-end business operations while improving the efficiency of your existing workloads using emerging technologies like AI. In this section, we’ll discuss the top three benefits for your business. 

1. Improved data visibility and collaboration     

As you expand your business and different teams take charge of assigned operations, team collaboration becomes increasingly complex yet essential for business growth. Your finance team needs to collect all the spending from marketing, inventory purchase, employee onboarding, etc. Independent reporting systems or excel workarounds will only complicate financial management for your business. 

Cloud ERP software eliminates communication bottlenecks, helping employees easily share data across interdepartmental teams and collaborate in real time. For example, most cloud ERP solutions can bring all financial information from different organisational units into one place.

2. Automating business operations is easier

Automating repetitive business operations and outsourcing business operations to a reputable managed service provider will help you save time for your employees, enabling them to focus more on business-critical tasks. You can use Cloud ERP to automate manual data collection, improve business workflow by automating repetitive tasks, and generate in-depth reports. 

3. Boost your business growth using emerging technologies 

Technology is evolving at the speed of light. You need to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to remain competitive in this digital-first age. These technologies will help you make data-driven decisions, streamline business operations, and improve customer service. 

Nonetheless, using sophisticated technologies requires significant capital investment and trained experts. Cloud ERP, on the other hand, enables you to access AI, ML, and other up-to-date business intelligence tools at a fraction of the cost without any massive capital requirement.  

Migrate your on-premise solution to Cloud ERP with ease 

If you are still on the fence about making a transition due to the implementation efforts, SMB Solutions Cloud Services has you covered. Whether your existing database is in SQL or HANA, we will seamlessly move your database to SMB Solutions Cloud Environment. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus more on your business. 

Besides moving your existing database, we can create a new SAP Business One database within a day’s notice, helping you swiftly demo the cloud solution for your business. We also provide detailed demos and user manuals to train your staff on how to make the most of the SAP Business One solution. If your business has custom requirements, we can add extra applications on demand to match your services. 

With smooth database migration, on-demand customisation, and detailed demos, we ensure your transition is easy, secure, and hassle-free.  

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Stay ahead of the competition

Cloud ERP software provides all the services you need to run and grow your business. Be it industry-leading security practices, easy integration with existing systems, real-time collaboration, compliance, or AI-powered business analytics, Cloud ERP solutions offer plenty of value-added services. 

If you evaluate your business requirements and decide to migrate to a cloud ERP solution, the next step is selecting a service provider. SMB Solutions Cloud Services is one of the leading cloud hosting providers, offering a single dashboard to manage project resources, easy migration of existing databases, 99.5% uptime, and on-demand scalability. 

Every business has unique requirements and challenges. To understand how SAP Business One Cloud will help you streamline your business operations and save money, reach out to us today!

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