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Enjoy business continuity solutions from one of the world’s most respected providers.

SMB Solutions is pleased to announce that it has finalised a partnership with industry-leading business continuity provider Datto. Customers and end-users that choose to use this new service can expect heightened file security and reliability at no cost to the user experience.

What Does Datto Do?

Datto is best-known as a business continuity provider. This service goes beyond disaster recovery to ensure that not just data, but business processes and communications capabilities remain online even in the face of catastrophic incidents.

Datto’s business continuity solutions offer users on-demand access to every part of their business infrastructure. It uses next-generation connectivity to allow users to recover data in mere minutes – whether you are looking for a single file or loading an entire department’s software platform of Datto’s secure cloud!

Some of the features that Datto offers SMB Solutions users include:

Best-in-class Networking

Datto’s always-on networking solutions allow users to securely manage business-critical files from anywhere. Say goodbye to downtime and costly business interruptions.

Automatic Backup and Sync

Clients can seamlessly collaborate in real-time while Datto’s systems collect, save, and back up the work behind the scenes. With Datto doing the heavy lifting, SMB Solutions’ customers will never have to sacrifice security or processing power for the sake of simplicity.

Competitive Business Management

Datto’s innovative “single point of truth” concept helps ensure that complex organisations can operate efficiently even when faced with physical or digital disruptions. Datto’s tools generate data that clients can then leverage towards building improved operations with data-backed insight.

Datto Business Continuity for MSPs

Managed service providers like SMB Solutions rely on business continuity to ensure optimal performance through unforeseen, disruptive events. Datto’s unique position in the business continuity market makes it a valuable partner for our current slate of service offerings and for our future releases.

Beyond verified backups, Datto offers its partners access to a broad range of restore options designed to respond to the pain points associated with most backup offerings. There are thousands of ways unpredictable events can disrupt your business – it takes a comprehensive solution to address them all. Datto’s instant virtualisation technology allows users to access business-critical files and processes even when their physical infrastructure is inoperable. This means that users can access a recovery point from months or years in the past, remotely, without having to painstakingly reconstruct backups from a physical disk.

Its ransomware protection is among the best in the industry. With Datto and SMB Solutions supporting your business, you can simply revert to a snapshot of your data from before the ransomware attack took place. Now, time is on your side while security specialists hunt down the origin of the cybercriminal attack. Datto protects physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure with award-winning technology.

Your Business Is More Secure Than Ever

Datto’s partnership helps SMB Solutions deliver even greater value to our community of small and mid-sized business owners. With one of the most reputable names in the business continuity industry supporting our managed services, we are able to offer improved transparency, more comprehensive recovery options, and greater peace of mind to our users. For more information on Datto and Managed Services get in touch with the SMB Solutions Support Team using the contact form below.

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