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Wondering who benefits the most from SAP Business One Cloud deployments and migrating off-premises?

One of the more insidious misconceptions about cloud technologies and cloud platform deployments is that they are best suited for the big leagues. While it’s true that any business can benefit from solutions such as SAP Business One Cloud, they are ideal for small to medium companies that need a software-as-a-service model.

The technology delivers everything from infrastructure to data backups and security. Meanwhile, nearly all of it is managed by a professional team behind-the-scenes, removing a lot of the onus from the business.

SAP Business One can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and integrates seamlessly with business intelligence tools. This means even the smallest of operations will gain a competitive edge, which is invaluable in today’s landscape. Data and analytics are critical for small to midsize businesses, with 61% citing a shortage of data needed and 31% citing a lack of analytics technology as a barrier to improving customer experiences.

SAP Business One Cloud Hosting: Enterprise-Level Connectivity

Managing these technologies and services in-house or on-premises can be costly, time-consuming, and debilitating. If regular data backups aren’t happening, and there’s corruption or a hardware failure, the losses can be devastating. Beyond that, there’s also system and data security to consider, software and hardware upgrades, personnel to train, and much more.

In contrast, SMB Solutions Cloud Hosting offers a complete, affordable, and secure solution and eliminates investing in expensive software and hardware. The provider handles all of that, keeps those servers and software up-to-date, and facilitates on-demand support. That alone is worth the investment and is reasonable and manageable for businesses small to large.

Most importantly, SAP Business One Cloud Hosting providers can assist new clients in achieving a quick deployment of the related technologies and systems. No one is left to navigate the process alone, which means they gain valuable expertise and support from day one. So, it makes a lot more sense for these businesses to move hosting solutions off-site.


The Versatile and Accessible Cloud

Cloud-based technology such as SAP Business One is not out of reach for any operation. This technology is versatile thanks to its immense scalability, and it boasts unmatched accessibility, especially as much of the maintenance and support is handled by the cloud provider.

At SMB Solution Cloud Services, support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the option to fully customise services by adding extra applications and backups, unlocking more processing power, and much more. It truly can be tailored to what your business and your customers need at scale and promptly. Customers like you will realise cost savings because of how the systems are distributed and managed. You’re not using your team, nor are you hiring an IT and cybersecurity crew just to maintain on-premises solutions. The cloud environment is also inherently designed to keep your data safe and private.

When all is said and done, the answer to the question “Who can use SAP Business One Cloud” is everyone. However, the technology is definitely accessible and viable for small to medium operations and will provide many benefits to boot. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss moving your SAP Business One solution to the cloud!

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