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 Learn more about our state-of-the-art server facility partners.

SMB Solutions serves customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Southeast Asia, North America, and Latin America, but we don’t do it all by ourselves. Our business is built on solid relationships with tier-one technology providers whose equipment and expertise are critical to day-to-day life.

Fostering a greater sense of community between our customers and our technology vendors is part of our company culture. We would like to kickstart a blog series introducing our data centre partners in-depth, giving our customers a window into the organisations that make our solutions possible.

Australia and New Zealand: Equinix Sydney IBX

Our customers in Australia and New Zealand are served by Equinix’s newest data centre, located in the heart of the continent’s most populous city. With more than 12,600 square meters of colocation space, the two-time award-winning Equinix Sydney IBX data centre gives our customers unprecedented access to scalable business equipment designed to serve a wide variety of needs.

Equinix Sydney IBX helps organisations accelerate business performance with eight individual facilities located in two separate campuses. This offers customers unparalleled continuity and redundancy options, ensuring that their most important files and applications remain secure. Equinix Sydney IBX is the most interconnected data centre campus in Australia, featuring access to more than 280 cloud computing providers, and the largest network peering platform in the regional market.

The facilities feature redundant cooling and power supply solutions, designed to protect valuable data from loss even when confronted with sustained cyberattacks and natural disasters. Each campus has its own team of on-site security officers equipped with biometric scanning technology, access control tools, motion detection scanners, and CCTV surveillance.

Equinix Sydney IBX has the following certifications:

This data centre boasts an average uptime of more than 99.9999% globally, serving more than 750 organisations with state-of-the-art technological products and services, including:

  • Private Cage Colocation.
  • Secure Cabinet Colocation.
  • AC Power Circuits.
  • IBXFlex Office and Storage.
  • Cross Connects.
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange.
  • Equinix Connect.
  • Equinix Internet Exchange.
  • IBX SmartView.


Equinix SY4: The Ideal Solution for Cloud-Based Businesses

Our servers are located in a private suite in the Equinix SY4 campus. Only our team has access to the hardware equipment we use to serve our customers. The SMB Solutions suite is protected by a biometric scanner and enjoys 24/7 active monitored security. Camera motion, door status, temperature and humidity are constantly reported to our team to ensure a timely response to any incident.

State-of-the-art technology is fundamental to the value we offer our customers. Our data centre partners in Sydney are part of the recipe for success that makes SMB Solutions stand out in the world of SAP Business One Cloud and Managed Services. Get in touch with the SMB Solutions team today to learn more about our local cloud hosting options.

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