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Learn how to use enterprise search in the SAP Business One Web Client.

One of the key functionalities that SAP Business One offers users is the ability to perform enterprise-wide searches for business data. Users can quickly browse through apps, items, business partners, sales data, and more with ease. The SAP Business One Web Client integrates enterprise search through an intuitive engine that arranges search items into categories. Users can assign numbers to specific records to make them easily searchable.

Using Enterprise Search

At the top-right corner of the Web Client screen, there is a search bar. A drop-down menu next to the search bar allows users to specify search categories. By default, the search will go through every category, producing results from across the entire enterprise.

The same categories are accessible through the search results page. This makes it easy for users to refine results and filter through unwanted categories after performing the initial search. 

Enterprise search also offers useful information about search results at a glance. For example, users searching for a specific item can quickly identify the invoices that particular item was included on. Simply use the Search In function to limit the search to the Sales AR Invoice category.

Once you find the information you are looking for, you can use the Filter By section to arrange the content using bar and graph charts. These will display directly in the Filter By window. Every category has its own set of filters.

Users can also customise the search results page to display in table or list format. The Web Client allows users to specify which data appear in list format. Simply edit the columns in the list and select the data categories that matter most. Users can also change the order of columns.

Click here to watch a step by step video on Using Enterprise Search.

Saving Searches

Individual searches, along with their related filters, are saveable elements in the SAP Business One Web Client environment. Users who frequently have to perform certain searches can save those searches as tiles and place them directly on the home screen dashboard.

When saving a search as a tile, the SAP Business One Web Client will automatically fill the search parameters using the existing search. Users can change these as needed before saving the tile.

Upon saving a search in tile format, the tile display always shows the latest data on that particular search. Users can also send searches to colleagues, allowing coworkers to access manually filtered data without having to input their own filters themselves.

In order to send a saved search, the recipient must have sufficient permissions to access the search results using the URL in the email. Users can also copy the URL directly from the address bar on the web browser and send that link. The SAP Business One Web Client will open the appropriate search, with all the current filters enabled as they are on the page.

For more information about the SAP Business One Web Client, check out our full YouTube playlist or get in touch with the SMB Solutions team today.

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