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Find out how our SMB Solutions customer charter guides our interactions with our customers.

customer charter

Corporate mission statements are important. Few other documents manage to distill why an organisation acts the way it does, or why its employees and leaders value the things they value.

Much has been written on the value of the corporate mission statement. But organisations often need deeper guidance on how to put their values into practice. 

The customer charter is a document that achieves this by instituting specific goals and practices for employees to follow. It offers practical insight on what customers should expect from the organisation, and how employees should respond to customer contact.

Our Customer Charter Is a Promise

At SMB Solutions, we enable small and mid-sized businesses to leverage the power of cloud platforms and managed services to make the most of their SAP Business One Solutions. This is the fundamental promise our customer charter makes – which is why it’s right on the top of the document:

The document goes on to explain what our vision, objectives, and values are. But where the customer charter truly performs is in its detailed descriptions of the service commitment we make to our customers.

  • Responsiveness. One of the pillars of great customer service is responsiveness. Our charter gives our employees clear instructions on how to log and resolve tickets, and the timeframes we expect of them when doing so.
  • Quality. Our commitment to quality underscores the value of what SMB Solutions represents. By promising expert-level knowledge of SAP Business One and committing to never outsource customer-facing processes, we put our corporate values into practice in clear, actionable terms.
  • Security. In today’s highly networked tech environment, all positions are cybersecurity positions. We include security as one of the fundamental expectations that our customers have of us and implement solutions designed to exceed those expectations.
  • Rights and Responsibilities. When it comes to the quality of our customer service processes, our promise to be supportive, experienced, and knowledgeable is a bottom-line requirement we make of every individual employee.

In practice, this means our team focuses more on logging tickets and solving problems than merely sending emails. At the same time, it empowers our customers to offer critical and constructive feedback.

But there are no one-way streets when it comes to successful long-term partnerships. We make sure to stipulate what our customers need to do in order to maximise the benefits SMB Solutions offers.

We ask our customers to give us timely, accurate data. We ask them to take the time to understand their obligations, to provide honest feedback, and to contact our team if they believe we have made an error. Of course, we also request our partners pay their bills on time.

Your Guarantee for World-Class Service from SMB Solutions

smb team customer charter

All of our customers receive a copy of our customer charter when doing business with SMB Solutions. Every one of our employees follows this document when addressing customer issues and solving problems. This is the way our team achieves best-in-class support with consistency, even during peak support periods.

The customer charter establishes the ground rules for excellent service. It serves as the primary building block for excellence and mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.

Get in touch with the team today to learn more about the SMB Solutions customer charter or about any of our available services.

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