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Cloud performance can be affected by many contributing factors not just the program inside the cloud.


Everybody wants their system to run as fast as possible – WE want our systems to run as fast as possible and constantly invest in upgrades, new hardware and software to make sure that is the case.

But there are a lot of contributing factors that can cause slow or poor cloud performance.

Network Connectivity

When you’re working in the cloud, you have to look at your local network configuration. What we mean by this is if your network is running via WIFI, the connection you have will not be nearly as strong as if it could be if you were using either Powerline or a direct ethernet cable. We have previously spoken about internet connections and how best to troubleshoot in a previous post here.

The next contributing factor is the quality of your internet connection. As we all know, internet connections can be great and functioning at an optimal level one minute and then completely crash the next. Managing these peaks and falls can be a challenge to keep on top of at times but it’s something no one can have ultimate control over. Conducting regular speed tests can help you monitor your connection speed at any given time.


Network Utilisation

Another contributing factor is in fact what people are using the network for at any given time. Generally speaking, there are going to be more people using a business network on Monday to Friday than there would be using that same network over the weekend. If there are particular activities happening that use more bandwidth, this would then slow the connection down for everyone else connected to the network.


Your device can impact your network connectivity depending on which device you are using and the condition it has been kept in. What operating system you have, whether you have been keeping up to date with the latest patches and upgrades, and what other software programs you have installed on your device can all have an impact on your cloud performance and network connectivity. A previous instance we have encountered is a customer updated an old antivirus program with a different newer program and saw their network connectivity improve significantly.

File Transfer and Printing

Lastly, printing and copying data between your local machine and the cloud can temporarily slow down your connectivity speed. SMB Solutions has invested heavily in researching and finding the best solutions to reduce the effect on connectivity for both of these processes. If you are experiencing issues when copying files to and from your cloud deployment of SAP Business One, make sure that you have configured our WebDAV server in to your environment – this will allow you to access your SAP Business One Attachments and other files as if they were stored locally.

The important point to take away from all of this is that cloud performance and network connectivity differentiates for everyone and can be quite inconsistent. Frustrations can arise when encountering speed and performance issues but debugging the process can indeed take some time when you think about all of these contributing factors. A working internet browser isn’t enough to show that a network connection is running at a speed for optimal cloud performance; a web page once open and loaded will stay static and not require much bandwidth, whereas a cloud environment is a transactional system that is running and updating constantly.


Fix Issues Faster by taking a Collaborative Approach

The best way to get through any connectivity issues is as a team – together with your staff, your manager, your IT team and your cloud hosting provider. Despite what marketers are telling you, personal computing is becoming more complex and technology overall is not becoming any simpler. In fact, the expectation from technology vendors is that we, the users, should become smarter and more familiar with technology changes which we all know isn’t always possible.

Taking the time to apply some thought and processes to your performance issues can assist in a faster resolution, either in-house or with the help of an experienced professional.

If you have any questions about your cloud performance or network connectivity, get in touch with the support team at SMB Solutions today.

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