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What are the different service provider priorities in the Client Portal and what do they mean

The SMB Solutions Cloud Services Client Portal has been live since June 2020 and by the end of January 2021, it will be the base of our single support system. 

For more information on the Client Portal, check out our Navigating the New SMB Solutions Service Portal information blog post here OR our YouTube tutorial video here. 

When submitting a new ticket in the Client Portal, most ticket request types will ask you to choose a Service Provider Priority before submitting the ticket. To help our customers and partners decipher what each priority means and when to use it, we have outlined the 4 options available to choose from below including Low, Medium, High and Critical, and the resolution plan timeframe with some examples of each provider priority option. 



Timeframe – No timeframe or deadline required to be met. 

Examples – A general enquiry or a useful feature you would like added but is not essential to daily operations. 



Timeframe – Requires a resolution plan within 3-5 days 

Examples – A new customer going live in 1-2 weeks or the need for a new add-on to be deployed within the week. 



Timeframe – Requires a resolution plan within 1-2 days 

Examples – Time-sensitive backups that require completion within 48-72 hours 



Timeframe – Immediate response required 

Examples – Issues impacting immediate access for users or a network outage 

Note – For critical issues, we recommend submitting a ticket to include as much detail, examples and screenshots as possible for the support staff to reference and then call the phone line to discuss and action a solution. We understand sometimes it feels like you may not have the time to complete the Client Portal step in a Critical situation but by gathering as much information as possible before calling the support staff, it means our team are in the best position possible to help you quickly and efficiently. 


At SMBSCS, we have a guaranteed 30-minute response time for technical support. As we all know, problem resolution can be simple or quite complicated depending on the root cause of the issue. Therefore, we have outlined the resolution plan times above and not the resolution times themselves to ensure there are no misconceptions on expectations. You can view more information about our commitment to our customers and partners in our customer charter here.


If you have any questions or feedback about the Client Portal and the Service Provider Priorities, get in touch with the SMB Solutions support team today. 

Client Portal Site: https://smbsolutions.itclientportal.com 

Contact Number: 1300 442 059 

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